With MediaPower as your marketing partner, you get an integrated marketing approach utilizing TV, radio, direct mail, catalogs, print advertisements, e-commerce and more. We provide support through the entire purchase cycle: from the time the customer responds to your offer until your product is delivered to his door.




At MediaPower, we’re experts in radio promotion, presentation and placement. We started out in 1995 providing guest bookings for radio shows across the nation. Today, we’ve expanded our services to include guest listings, show-prep and radio infomercials. Our clients include some of the nation’s leading experts in their fields, as well as many of the top radio stations in the country.

Inbound Telemarketing

At MediaPower, we realize the need for your telemarketing to be a seamless extension of your advertising. That’s why we have telemarketing product specialists who understand the product as well as the advertising. As a result, we’re able to run priceless ads to maximum response, while simultaneously achieving industry-leading conversion rates.


MediaPower’s warehouses in Maine and Florida provide complete fulfillment services so that your product is quickly put into customers’ hands. Plus, you can leverage MediaPower’s shipping volume for substantial savings.

Customer Service

Customer Relationship Management is a critical component of the sales process – yet it’s an area often overlooked by marketers. At MediaPower, we carefully select and train our agents, then thoroughly educate them about your product. The result is a team of friendly, knowledgeable folks who provide the kind of personal, ethical service that keeps customers coming back. And our sales team is unrivaled when it comes to closing the soft offer.

Direct Mail and Catalogs

Even in the electronic age, print is still powerful. Consumers love to read, especially personalized messages delivered right to their mailboxes. MediaPower can work with you to create and produce effective, targeted mailings that bring your message home to consumers.

Print Ads

A well-designed print advertisement can educate, inform and entice readers to take action. MediaPower can provide you with persuasive print ads to reinforce brand image, drive traffic to your Web site and prompt consumers to order your product.


MediaPower can make your product the star of its own persuasive infomercial. Reach millions of consumers in their own homes, where they’re relaxed, receptive to your message and ready to buy. Educate them about your product’s features and benefits so they can fully understand what makes your product special. Then sit back and watch the sales roll in!

Outbound Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing gives you a means of maintaining contact with your customer and yields immediate results in the form of sales. You also can use outbound to follow up with a customer to generate a reorder or to introduce your customer to an additional product.

Media Buying


MediaPower has spent years — and countless dollars — identifying the media outlets that pull best. Other media buyers can’t tell you how well similar media have performed on a particular radio or TV station; we can. And we’re experienced with TV and both long-form and short-form radio. Another advantage we have is that our media buyers are performance-oriented, rather than placement-oriented. Other agencies pay their reps commission based on the amount of media they buy; we pay commission based on the calls generated per advertising dollar. That’s why when MediaPower buys your media, you can be sure of getting the biggest bang for your buck


The internet is here to stay, and we are here to help you capitalize on it. Using the latest technologies, MediaPower can create a virtual store – one that never closes – so you can sell your products online 24/7. We also can provide customized banner ads, e-zines and email campaigns to help you promote your product on the internet.

Retail Placement

If you’ve ever imagined selling your product at retail, we can help you make that dream a reality. By utilizing direct response techniques, you can create demand for your product so that retailers actually come to you and request to carry your product. MediaPower has the experience to guide you through this complicated process and help you avoid the pitfalls of taking your product into the retail arena.


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