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CalMax Still Going Strong!

CalMax was first sold through small health foods stores on the West Coast. But it suffered from lackluster packaging — and no real marketing strategy. Sales lagged.

At MediaPower, we were introduced to CalMax in 1998 by one of our spokespeople and became convinced the unique calcium beverage product would benefit customers — if only they knew it existed. Today, CalMax is a household name, having been seen by more than 15 million people, thanks to MediaPower’s marketing efforts. In fact, our CalMax infomercial ranked #14 among all infomercials for 2001.

Educating consumers becomes our focus

In 1998, we began our marketing campaign for CalMax by developing a radio infomercial to educate consumers about the benefits of this valuable product. In our infomercial, we were able to do what the distribution channel previously being used could not do: We fully educated consumers about the product so they understood its many benefits.

As time went by, we experimented with a number of different offers — such as buy 3 packages of CalMax, get one free — and continued to improve the radio infomercial based on the responses it received. After perfecting the offer, we developed a CalMax TV infomercial, which has run successfully for 4 years and continues to generate orders daily.

Along the way, we replaced CalMax’s lackluster packaging and then repackaged it yet again until we had a container with the right mix of graphics and colors to grab consumers’ attention. In 2002, we developed a larger container for distribution at retail and added a safety-ring seal and plastic shrink band for security.

These days, we sell CalMax using TV infomercials, radio infomercials, radio spot ads, our catalog and Web site, and at retail. And when consumers call us to order the product, we generate additional sales by offering them a program that ships CalMax automatically so they never run out. We also cross-sell CalMax to consumers who call to order our other nutritional products.

Sales top 5 million

From a handful of health food stores to more than 4,000 retail and specialty pharmacy stores, from a 30-minute radio infomercial to one of the top-selling TV infomercials of 2001, the revitalization of CalMax’s marketing efforts has grown the brand phenomenally in just a few short years.

The CalMax line now numbers 4 products: original CalMax, Kids’ CalMax, CalMax for Sleep, and CalMax for Athletes. Consumers throughout the US and Canada continue to clamor for CalMax in all its forms. To date, we’ve sold more than 5.2 million cans of CalMax!

We began building our customer database with one product: CalMax. We’ve leveraged the success of CalMax to create a database that now consists of 950,000 profitable names.

Now MediaPower is ready to power-market your product. We did it for CalMax. We can do it for you.


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