The best marketing in the world is a waste of money if it's not backed by superior service.
In the end, people are the key to a successful business.

Our service sets us apart

Service sells. Consumers are interested in products, but ultimately it’s the people involved in the process who can make or break a business. MediaPower has one of the best teams in the industry working behind the scenes to assure your success.

At MediaPower, we leave nothing to chance. Unlike our competitors who outsource services, we retain full control of every aspect of your direct response campaign — from producing an infomercial to buying media, from taking the order to shipping the product. And, because we share feedback between departments, we can quickly adjust your creative for improved response.


Do You Have A Product To Sell?

Do you have a great product to market nationally? Together we can sell to the masses and reach thousands of customers every day.


Featured Success Story - CalMax

CalMax has sold over 5 million units since it was introduced in 1999 and remains a leader in premier formulas designed for people interested in bone health.


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